Operation Stop CISPA and Weev in a Cage

Welcome back! I apologize for the lack of a show for the past few weeks, but have been swamped with the preparations and actual escape from Rhode Island Rogue’s Island to the Palmetto State where I hope to enjoy a bit more financial and personal freedom. All is well thus far!

In this episode, we speak with an IT security professional (Twitter handle @NetworkJesus) on the latest onerous incarnation of the 4th Amendment smashing bill Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Privacy Act (CISPA) and his efforts in helping spread the information to people that may not be aware and what We the People can do to stop it. We also discuss the prime sponsor of bill’s shady connection to the security sector and the State Department to the tune of $10 (B)illion dollars! (Some NSFW language)cispa-passes-house

In the second segment, we have a February 16, 2013 pre-prison chat with Andrew  Auernheimer,  aka ‘Weev’ (Twitter handle @Rabite) who is currently serving a 41 month (unjust) prison sentence for exposing an embarrassing AT&T security flaw in an iPad subscriber database. Weev’s case is under appeal. Hang in there, e-pal!

E-pal Weev. Everyone's chum! (AT&T and judicial crooks, not so much)

E-pal Weev. Everyone’s chum! (AT&T and judicial crooks, not so much)

Listen here: